Megan Short | Romantic Suspense Author

Megan Short writes multicultural romantic suspense with dark, brooding heroes and independent, feisty heroines.

Finding the child writer within

I like minimalism, and I dislike clutter. Yet, I had box upon box of paperwork languishing in storage that I knew I would one day have to wade through. Not just tax returns, but tree upon tree of written words. No doubt you have the same, if you are writer. Maybe it is all of your hand-corrected drafts that you can’t throw out in case you need to go back and find that one stroke of genius that you shouldn’t have deleted?! I found some of those, and through gritted teeth, recycled them.

Writing, “bird by bird”

the world to write, and all the motivation – I had just signed up to a screenwriting class, and this was required reading. But it wasn’t until years later that I truly appreciated just how true the sentiments and advice really are. Writing every day is hard. It doesn’t matter how much you love it, there are distractions that are just somehow that much more interesting and important. Sometimes those distractions are real, but often they are just excuses.